"Lubana Lake" - the largest lake in Latvia

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Lubāna Lake is the largest lake in Latvia. It covers area of 81,3 km2 at a normal water level and 95,53 km2 at the maximum water level. Its shores are modified, they are surrounded by dikes and canals. Lubāns is the largest diked lake in Europe. The shores of the lake are especially beautiful in spring when, before their departure for nesting in the north, several thousands of Northern swans, white-fronted geese and smews are crowded in the Lubāna Lake and fish ponds.


The Lubāna Lake formed about 10 to 13 thousand years ago due to the melting of glaciers. Initially, approximately 8300 years ago, the large lake almost disappeared. After a short disappearance (causes of this process are not known yet), the lake formed again, and despite the fluctuations of its level, it has existed for about 3,000 years. This shallow but very large lake, in warm and humid conditions of Atlantic climate, rapidly overgrew and was filled with sediments. As evidenced by archaeological excavations, lowland area at this time was densely populated. It is evidenced by 27 human settlements of the Stone Age found by archeologists.  The great archeological significance of the wetland of Lubāna Lake is usually related to the very first appearance of the population in the then Latvia’s territory after glacial retreat to the north. It is believed that the wetland of Lubāna Lake was one of the largest Neolithic amber-processing centers in the area.

Complex of the Lubāna Wetland

Lubāna Wetland is located around the Lubāna Lake. It covers 513,51 km2. 23% of the territory are occupied by water. Besides, there are also another 7 lakes, fish ponds (27 km2) and rivers. 41% of the territory are occupied by coniferous and deciduous forests, 3% - agricultural land, 10% - meadows, 23% - marshes. From a biodiversity perspective, it is a unique place not only in Latvia, but also internationally - more than 257 species of birds have been registered here; about 51 of these species are entered in the Latvian Red Book. There are approximately 20 species of fish living in lakes and rivers.

Lubāna Lake and fish ponds are one of the most important places for resting and feeding of migratory waterfowl in Latvia; during the migration period more than 20,000 water birds can be observed here.

* Visit the Lubāna Wetland Information Center. The center offers: tourist guidebooks, binoculars and telescopes for observation of surrounding landscapes and birds, boat rental (1 boat for fishers, 4 canoes), organization of hiking, guiding services, accommodation for 6 persons (+4) (to be booked, tel. 29234956).

* Hike along the 800 m long "Teirumnieku Marsh Trail".

* Purchase of fish from the Lubāna Lake. Depending on the season, there is an offer of pike, tench, bream, pike-perch (reservation needed LMIC, tel. 29204956).

* Boat rides in the Aiviekste River. We offer tours, canoe rental, boat and passenger transportation ((www.aiviekstelaivas.lv, tel.25434346, info@aivieksteslaivas.lv).

* Water tourism and development center "Bāka" (excursion in the complex, well-equipped bathing place, camping and picnic areas, windsurfing and kiteboarding sets, water boards and skis, motor boat; tennis and volleyball courts, skis and skates, places for campers and trailers; exhibition hall, rooms for seminars and celebrations; viewing platform on the roof terrace, accommodation (tel. 26663358, http://baka.rezeknesnovads.lv/).
Information about prices:
* accommodation - 14 EUR per person.
* boat rental for 2 hours - 4 EUR;
* boat rental for 3 hours - 5 EUR;
* boat rental for a day - 12 EUR;
* guiding service:
- <10 persons - 15 EUR/per hour;
- >10 persons - 1 EUR/per person/per hour.
Address:Madonas un Rēzeknes novadi
GPS:56.8164, 26.9065
Phone:+371 29234956 (Lubāna mitrāja informācijas centrs - Līga un Ilze, LV, RU, ENG, GER)
Internet website:http://www.lubanamitrajs.lv/


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