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Memorial to the Colonel Oskars Kalpaks

* The monument was unveiled on 10 July 1927. The sculpture by Kārlis Zāle and Arnolds Dzirkalis is a composition of three figures with an ancient Latvian soldier in the centre. The soldier has a shield and sword in his hands, and two soldiers are collapsing beside him. In foot of this sculpture group, there is a slanting bronze plate on a granite base, and the plate bears an inscription which also includes a poem by Edvards Virza dedicated to Oskars Kalpaks.

* Oskars Kalpaks died near “Airītes” home next to road Skrunda–Saldus, on 6 March 1919. His remains were brought home from Liepāja Northern Cemetery to the family burial grounds in Visagals on 18 September 1919.

* The monument was unveiled by the Chair of the Colonel Oskars Kalpaks’ Monument Committee, General Jānis Balodis, among attendees there were the President Gustavs Zemgals, the Prime Minister Marģers Skujenieks, the Speaker of the Saeima Pauls Kalniņš, the Minister of War Rūdolfs Bangerskis, and Kārlis Ulmanis. The foundation stone of the monument was laid on 19 June 1925. Stone material for the monument was taken from the Colonel’s home in Siena purvs, this used to be the stone on which Oskars Kalpaks played violin as child.

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