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Griezītes, alpaca farm

* Guided tour - 5 EUR per person. Free - children under the age of 7.
* Walk with an alpaca - 10 EUR.
* Possibility to purchase alpaca wool and handspun wool. Felted and knit items made of alpaca wool.
* Once a year a felting masterclass is organised.

* Ian and Joanna are an English couple living in rural Latvia for several years already, and they have the pleasure of sharing their lives with a herd of wonderful alpacas. Not only are they happy to introduce their lovely animals, but they also share tips on breeding and shearing them. Ian also writes a blog to share the news from their alpaca farm, where each animal has its own name and is known by its character and qualities.

* Alpacas are very beautiful animal: they are gentle, friendly and very curious. They come from South America. Ian and Joanna will tell you how they got their first alpacas and will also share some interesting stories about the very beginnings of their trade.

* Alpaca wool is very soft, high-quality, warm and luxurious, and it comes in a wide range of colours. At this farm, shearing takes place in May. May and June is also the time when the new-born alpacas join the herd. So, if you want to see the little ones be sure to visit us early in summer.

Working hours:
Arrange in advance!
Griezītes, Ērgļu pagasts, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.851438, 25.637525 Braukt
+371 28693785 (Ian Storie, EN)
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