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Farm Bieles

* Energy spiral for a meditative walk (700 m). Groups of up to 4 people can take the walk while listening to the Latvian songs of power. If the group is bigger, take earbuds or earphones with you.

* Farmers’ story on untraditional farming: growing potatoes under hay, pyramid- or dome-shaped greenhouse, dusting using rhubarb leaves, doing laundry using chestnuts, etc.

* Edible wild plants, tasting (contact us minimum 3 days in advance).

* Farmer’s story about the farm’s animals, their role in the countryside and living with them (giant snails, marmot, Vietnamese pot-bellied, sheep, goats, fowl, wild horses).

* Tents sites (drinking water available, pond, power, Wi-Fi, outside toilet).

* Guided tours around Ļaudona rural territory.

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How to reach? Take the road Madona–Ļaudona, from the bus-stop “Pupuri” follow the signs to “Bielēm”. Map is available here: https://www.bieles.lv

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Bieles, Ļaudonas pagasts, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.727429, 26.216289 Braukt
+371 20211324 (Inese Biele, LV, RU, EN) +371 29454458 (Elmārs Biele, LV, RU, EN)
Internet website:
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