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Bumbiermuiža, holiday house, production of herbal distillates

* The musical Candle House has no electricity making it the perfect place for taking a break from the everyday run, listening to the music of nature while holding on a cup of herbal tea in the light of a fireplace and candles.

* The place is run by Ilze and Kristaps who switched from the hustle and bustle of the city to a relaxing and calm countryside in the eastern part of Latvia back in 2003. The homestead, hugged by the very mother nature herself, is like a shelter from the busy city life and it urged the owners to focus to their inner selves and stay close to the nature to leave as small footprint as possible.

* The house has also a mythical owner the Baron Bumbiers (Baron Pear, the name of the place can be translated as Pear Manor), who is a rare guest and visits not more than once in 30 years.

* The exciting stories and the Baron’s experience are the reasons for the extraordinary power-less environment at Bumbiermuiža making it possible for the guests to step out from the generally accepted standards.

* The owners have created a unique place where every corner of the house is decorated with a musical instrument, mural, or books resulting in a multi-dimensional play which reveals in the changing daylight. The house has two floors and the rooms are interconnected, which gives a feeling of a single space and cosiness making you feel just like home.

* Accommodation for 10 people.
* Possibility to cook either on a campfire or at house.
* Reading material for lovers of all genres.
* Various musical instruments that can be used for playing music.
* Path to the Akmeņupīte River. 
* Guided tour at Ki:ch where herbal distillates are produced.

Krāces, Ērgļu pagasts, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.873778, 25.599391 Braukt
+371 29101200 (Kristaps Čablis, LV, EN, RU)
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