Jumurda Manor, Lake Jumurdas, park, accommodation

The recreational complex “Jumurda manor” includes three buildings with separate rooms, a restaurant, terrace, conference room, spacious summer canopy, and sauna building with large banquet hall. The complex sits on 17 ha and also includes a rich park, sports ground and spots for swimming.

* Accommodation – 105 people (up to 180, with extra beds).
* Rooms for conferences and seminars (for up to 50 participants).
* Banquet hall (for up to 70 guests).
* For wedding and other occasions in summer, a canopy is available (for up to 150 guests).
* Catering must be arranged in advance.
* Sauna.
* Pool.
* Fireplace hall.
* Free private parking.

* Accommodation: EUR 25–40 per person;
* Pets are allowed, fee – EUR 10;
* The ground floor in sauna building (sauna and fireplace hall): EUR 300, sauna towels EUR 3 per towel;
* Summer canopy or banquet hall in the sauna building: EUR 600.
Note! We only work if arranged in advance and if the number of guests is at least 10.

* Sports ground.
* Volleyball court.
* Football field.
* Playground.
* Boat rental.

* The owner of Jumurda manor (Jummerdehn) was Reinhold von Tiesenhausen. In 1527, when his estate was divided, Jumurda and Vējava were transferred to his son who lived a long life and died as a soldier protecting Ērgļi against Ivan the Terrible’s army on 28 August 1577. Unfortunately, nothing remains in Jumurda from those times, but there is some evidence left from other owners – the von Transehe family.

* The lord’s house was built around 1856, when the manor was owned by Alvil von Transehe. Sadly, the author of the design is not known, but the construction work was directed by the Liv construction master Mārcis Sārums, who also built the church in Vecpiebalga. Jumurda manor is among the first castles following the architectural principles of historicism in Latvia. The main façade is contemplated with an entrance and a small balcony above it, from where the lord used to address his people on festive occasions.

* For some time, the forest guard and landlord at Jumurda manor was the well-known Latvian poet Andrejs Pumpurs. The manor was demolished in 1905, but was restored soon in 1907 when it became the property of the Latvian doctor Reinholds Miķelis Liepiņš, who also established the first pharmacy in this neighbourhood. After the World War I homeless people squatted the manor, but later the ground floor was used as a creamery. Since 1929, the local primary school was located in the manor house, but now it is under reconstruction.

* The exterior of the manor is now put in order, the former stable, servants’ house and gardener’s house have been turned into a hotel, the water tower – into an observation tower. One of the byres is now a sauna, but the beer cellar – an outhouse.


Jumurdas Muiža, Jumurdas pagasts, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.946124, 25.741267 Braukt
+371 29282601 (Anita Apine, LV, RU, EN)
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