Cesvaine Manor Complex and Park - guided tours

From the manor complex of the 18th–19th century, the following buildings have been preserved: stable (now the Tourism Centre), forest guard’s house (a private residential building), barns near the castle, brewery and greenhouses  (salon “Divi Torņi”), landlord’s house (residential building), etc. With respect to the old traditions, beer is now brewed by “Cesvaines alus darītava”.

Guided tour for groups (45 min) around the manor complex or in the park, tel. +371 26172637 (Cesvaine Tourism Centre)
* up to 10 people / EUR 2,00 per person;
* up to 29 people / EUR 25,00 for a group;
* more than 30 people / EUR 40,00 for a group.
* up to 10 people / EUR 2,50 per person;
* up to 29 people / EUR 30,00 for a group;
* more than 30 people / EUR 60,00 for a group.

Open-air exhibition “Historical buildings and places in Cesvaine”.

* Cesvaine manor has changed hands several times, so in 1815 the State Councillor Richter’s family sold Cesvaine manor to the next landrat Adolf von Wulf, who fully owned it starting from 1821. After his death, thanks to the assistance and support from the von Wulf family, Cesvaine, Aizkuja, Bučauska, Grāvendāle, and Madona manors were all transferred to his son Julius von Wulf. The last owner of these manors until the agrarian reform was Adolf von Wulf’s son Wilhelm von Wulf.

* The new castle (1896) was included in the existing ensemble of manor buildings. It is partially situated where the medieval castle (of the 14th century) and the former landlord’s house (of the 17th century) was located.

* Each visitor may take an individual tour around the historical buildings and sites in the manor complex. There is a map of the open-air exhibition available at the Tourism Centre, on stands by the castle and in the parking.

* Previously, until the new castle was completed in 1896, park was situated where the former medieval cemetery was located (you can now find the municipal building and a parking there). The territory where the park is now used to be arable land, this new park of around 30 ha was built after the castle was finished and was formed as a romantic landscape garden with sightlines towards the castle. Species of trees and bushes in the park were chosen according to a soil map developed for manors in 1756, among the species there are also several foreign plants.

* What to see in the park: River Sūla Valley, teahouse, pumphouse, medieval castle ruins, Cesvaine Castle Mound where the owner of the manor Adolf von Wulf is buried, memorial to the students and teachers of Cesvaine school deported in 1941 and 1949, and the Brethren Cemetery of the Soldiers Died in the World War II.

* Open-air exhibition on informative stands at the teahouse, by the park stairs and Castle Mound gives description of the historical sites located in the park and serves also as a map. Do not miss the interesting information in the northern part of the park about a lesser spotted eagle nesting there.

Pils iela 2, Cesvaine, Madonas novads
+371 26172637 (Cesvaines tūrisma centrs, LV, RU, DE, EN)
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