Vestiena Manor

* A walk in the Manor’s park and Vestiena surroundings.
* In the manor house you canvisit the workshop of the jeweller Juris Leitāns, tel. +371 26596295. Visit for donation.
* "Vestiena Creative Studio", tel. +371 29907770. Creative workshops, plein air art. Current information here.

* The site used to be a rural fortification, but in the 18th century the ambitious manor complex was built. The moats were turned into picturesque ponds.

* Vestiena Manor was established on 24 June 1452 and was named “Heinrich Tolk’s Manor Near the Fortification”.

* Former owners: in the mid-18th century the manor was owned by the Baron von Igelstrem. In 1787 it was purchased by K. von Staden, but in the mid-19th century the owner was Baron von Brümmer. From the early 20th century until 1909 the manor was owned by the von Vormann family. The last owner of the manor was Aleksandrs Rušmanis.

* The front garden is enclosed with ditches behind which a stable and a barn with a vaulted porch was built on both sides of the driveway. The lord’s house was built opposite the driveway above the cellars of the former ammunition storage. It is supposed that the gable was decorated with the Igelstrem’s coat of arms carved in stone, which was removed after the owners changed and used as an adornment in the gable of the new servants’ house. In the first half of the 19th century, new two-storey blocks were attached to both ends of the lord’s house together with a porch, which added some nuances of the late Classicism to the manor house. The building was rebuilt in the early 20th century after a fire in 1905. The park was built in the mid-19th century as a romantic landscape garden from which a pergola and a dog’s gravestone on the lakeside have remained nowadays.

* Since 1920, the lord’s house was used by an agricultural school, and later – by a mechanisation school. Since 1960, the building has been used by Vestiena primary school. The school is closed in 2022.

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Vestiena, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.866211, 25.873589 Braukt
+371 26807209 (Jolanta Bardziņa, LV, RU, DE)
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