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Dzelzava Manor

A walk around the manor and the park.

* This Baroque castle of the 18th century was owned by the von Transehe-Roseneck family. The ancient name of the castle was Selsau.

* The manor complex included several buildings, like stable, smithy, gardener’s house, servants’ house, that were built from the mid-18th century to mid-19th century. The smithy erected a little further from the centre in 1820 used to have a portico supported by brick columns, that was bricked up later. It is assumed that behind the lord’s house there used to be a geometrical garden that was transformed as a result of further economic activities.

* Former owners: In the late 16th century the manor was owned by the Wainecken family, but after the estate changed hands in the 17th century it was managed by von Klots since 1679. Then from 1724 to 1765 the owners were the von Igelstrom family, and afterwards—the von Transehe family. During the period 1868–1920, the manor was owned by the von Transehe-Roseneck family.

* Following the agrarian reform, the manor house served as the seat for the local municipality from 1917 until 1940, but in 1940 a school was opened here. Also nowadays this building is place for the local school.

Dzelzavas pils, Dzelzava, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 57.000721, 26.432399 Braukt
+371 29285162, 26130697
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