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“Domu pietura”

* In honour of the work of the legendary winemaker Kārlis Dumbrājs (1918–2019) and the traditions of winemaking that he nurtured for more than 60 years, the company is now run by the next generations.

* We make around 20 various wines from wild and garden berries. Our clients praise our wild berry wines, like the rich and smooth blueberry wine, the aromatic raspberry wine, the classic cranberry wine, as well as other wines, including those made from quince, rowanberry, rhubarb, plum, blackcurrant, redcurrant, cherry, gooseberry, even the wine made of grapes growing in our garden. However, since winemaking is a very seasonal, creative and sometimes also unpredictable process, not always all wines are available for tasting and purchase at the same time.

* The company was established in 2012, and has chosen tourism as one of its basic activities and a way of advertising the produce. Tourists are offered a 1–1.5 h wine tasting programme with 4 various home-made wines and snacks, exciting stories and talks about wine and key to the 101 years long life of Kārlis Dumbrājs.

* During summer, groups of up to 65 people are welcomed in a canopy designed like a café, but in winter groups of up to 35 people are offered tasting in a warm and cosy room. Thanks to the special atmosphere and musical background, “Domu pietura” has also become a beautiful stop for newlyweds or their guests. Subject to notification, it is also possible to arrange purchase of produce on weekdays or weekend. Only in separate cases and during holidays does the company participate in fairs or makes wonderful presents – custom designed wine bottles.

* Wine tasting. (duration 1-1.5 h, 4 types of wines, snacks). Price: 6-10 EUR per person.
* Private and corporate events.
* Wines for purchase.

Group size:
* Up to 60 people in summer;
‌* Up to 35 people in winter.
Working hours:
Arrange in advance!
Raiņa iela 19, Madona, LV - 4801
Lat, lon: 56.855723, 26.210689
+371 29296045 (Astra Riekstiņa, LV, RU) +371 26395710 (Ilze Riekstiņa, LV, RU, EN)
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