last edited: 06.01.2020
“Ozolkalna Barn" - waving and crafts workshop

Address:Libes Ozolkalns, Biksēre, Sarkaņu pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4870
Phone:+371 29424633 (Līga Kuba) (LV, RU)

last edited: 15.01.2019
Sarkaņi Craft Workshop

Address:Sarkaņu pamatskola, Sarkaņi, Madonas novads
Phone:+371 29424739 (Valda Kļaviņa, LV, RU); +371 26987948 (Vanda Podiņa, LV, )

last edited: 19.11.2019
Agris Sārs' Paintings Gallery

Address:Meliaratoru iela 11, Kusa, Aronas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV-4847
Phone:+ 371 26134561 (Agris Sārs, LV, RU, GER, ENG)

last edited: 01.03.2019
"Madona Art School of J. Simsons” – excursion, souvenirs

Address:Valdemāra bulvāris 3, Madona, LV - 4801
Phone:+371 28615694 (Kristīne Šulce, LV)

last edited: 27.03.2019
"Ceramic Workshop of Jānis Seiksts”: oven, pots, landscape garden

Address:Dumpu iela 16, Madona, Madonas novads, LV - 4801
Phone:+371 26126247 (Jānis Seiksts un Tija Seiksta)(LV, RU, GER)
Offer: "Latvian heritage" farm, visiting the workshop and seeing the oven, exhibition - shop, taking part in creation of clay pots, landscape garden with garden sculptures, excursion, practical activities, trading, placing orders

last edited: 08.11.2019
„Stone House Gallery” – the artist’s workshop

Address:Lejas Vālēni, Aronas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4847
Phone:+371 29523794 (Valērijs Baida), 29438977 (Maija Jakoviča)
Offer: the workshop of the artists Maija Jakoviča and Valērijs Baida, meetings with the artists, workshops and possibility to see the paintings, classes of painting, portrait painting, excursion to the oak of Vālēni (circumference of 7 m), trading, placing orders

last edited: 24.05.2019
„Pottery Workshop of Dumpji” – ceramics, collection of antiques

Address:Brīvnieki - Kolbergi, Mētrienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4865
Phone:+371 29421907 (Einārs Dumpis) (LV, RU), 29187910 (Baiba Dumpe) (LV, RU)
Offer: “Latvian heritage” farm, excursion to the workshop, purchase of pottery, placing orders

last edited: 06.11.2018
Shop, salon "Divi Torņi" ("Two Towers")

Address:Saieta laukums 4, Madona
Phone:+371 29492349 (LV, RU, GER)

last edited: 24.10.2018
"Rota" ("Adornment") – Lazdona’s Handicraft Group

Address:Meža iela 2, Lazdona, Madonas novads, LV - 4824
Phone:+371 26186955 (Natālija Baboviča)
Offer: exhibition-fair of pearl jewelry and various handicrafts, classes of jewelry fabrication and handicraft, practical activities, trading, placing orders

last edited: 14.05.2019
„Fantasy” – handicraft shop, salon, paintings

Address:Saules iela 26, Madona
Phone:+ 371 29397421 (Dzidra Vaitkūne)(LV, RU)
Offer: handicrafts, folk costume making, painting gallery, placing orders

last edited: 02.09.2019
„Ielāpi” (“Patches”) - holiday home, recreation place near the Kāla Lake, fishing, creative workshop, catering

Address:Ielāpi, Vestienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4855
Phone:+371 29227504 (Ligita Bogdanova)(LV, RU)
Offer: recreation place near the Kāla Lake, creative workshop - "Soap making workshop" and "Tapers Casting Workshop", catering in an outdoor shelter, accommodation, catering (by prior arrangement), banqueting facilities (capacity 10), place for tents, picnick area, bathing place, boat rental (9), catamaran rental (2), fishing, yard for sports games, children’s playground, practical activities, organization of various events
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