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"Mārcienas Manor” – SPA resort, restaurant, accommodation

Address:Lejas Patmalnieki, Mārcienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4852
Phone:+371 64807300, +371 26335000 (LV, RU, ENG)
Offer: the resort is located in the territory of the house "Lejas Patmalnieki" (early 20th century) of the former Mārcienas manor, recreation and beauty programs, accommodation, restaurant, rooms for seminars (capacity 50 un 140), banqueting facilities (capacity 50 un 140), internet access, SPA, bath, bath consultant services, swimming pool, picnick area, bathing place, boat rental (1), catamaran rental (1), fishing, bicycles (1), cross country skiing, ski equipment rental, children’s playground, nature trail, billiard, accessible to people with disabilities, organization of various events

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„Biksēres Manor” – museum of antiquities, park with sculptures

Address:Biksēres muiža, Biksēre, Madonas novads, LV-4870
Phone:+371 28621303 (Andris Trečaks, LV, RU, GER), 29424739 (Valda Kļaviņa, LV, RU, GER)
Offer: Museum of antiquities "Biksēres Barn", a park with outdoor sculptures, panorama views, guiding services, museum, an object of cultural heritage, excursion

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"Vestienas Manor"

Address:Vestiena, Madonas novads, LV - 4855
Phone:+371 26807209 (Jolanta Bardziņa, LV, RU, GER)
Offer: excursion with active participation in the Manor’s park and Vestiena surroundings, an object of cultural heritage

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"Dzelzavas Castle"

Address:Dzelzavas pils, Dzelzava, Madonas novads, LV - 4873
Phone:+371 26130697 (direktore Indra Zukure, LV, RU)
Offer: visit of the castle, an object of cultural heritage

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„Berzaunes Evangelical Lutheran Church”

Address:Bērzaune, Madonas novads, LV - 4853
Phone:+371 20372028, +371 26521292 (Una Miķelsone, LV, RU, GER)
Offer: excursion, organ concert by Haralds Sīmanis, an object of cultural heritage

last edited: 06.09.2019
Lazdona Lutheran Church

Address:O. Kalpaka iela 21, Madona, LV-4801
Phone:+371 25604071 (Ērika Pomere)
Offer: Visiting the church, exhibitions, concerts.
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