"Gretes" – memorial site of J. Ilsters, herd of suckler cows

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* The organic farm raises suckler cows. Tourists, accompanied by the hostess, can watch the multi-colored flock of cattle and the feeding of calves. The flock contains approximately 150 animals.

* Picnic facilities near the Stirnu Lake (fireplace, boat, catamaran, bathing place, fishing).

* Hiking (300 m) to the memorial site of the first Latvian botanist Janis Ilsters (1851-1889).

* Climbing the Gretu hill.

* Boat rental.
Information about prices:
* up to 10 persons - 10 EUR of the group;
* over 10 persons - 1 per person.
Working hours:Upon application!
Address:Gretes, Vestienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4855
GPS:56.8621, 25.7503
Phone:+371 29450715 (Biruta Nebare)


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