Lubāna Evangelical Lutheran Church

* Guided tours. Arrange in advance, tel. +371 26374962. Visit for donation.
* Public worships are conducted on Sundays at 12am.
* Opening hours: Sun 11am – 14pm.

* Under the roof of Lubāna church there are actually two churches with separate altars: the big church with 750 seats was originally designed for the Latvian parish, while the small one was intended for the German parish. The altar in the small church is a stained glass panel “Christ with Children or the Sermon on the Mount” (the author is not known), which is an artistic monument of national importance. The author of the altar painting “Christ at the Crucifix” in the big church is A. T. Diks.

* The church, which is now an architectural monument of national importance, was built from 1869 to 1872 according to the Gothic Revival tradition, it was consecrated on the Epiphany, 6 January, 1872.

* The church is proud of an organ built by August Martin in 1871, the organ is now under reconstruction.

* The rooster of the church is actually the rooster of the previous smaller church, and it now stands where the steeple of the previous church was.

Baznīcas iela 1, Lubāna, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.903305, 26.723803 Braukt
+371 26374962 (Ilze Kraukle, LV, RU), + 371 29358576 (Ilze Stiprā, EN)
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