Arona hill and spring

* Magnificent ice sculpture forms on top of the spring in winter.
* Well-arranged water supply site.
* Castle mound, panoramic view.
* Swings, place for recreation.

* A castle mound of the Late Iron Age. The 16 m high scenic castle mound is shaped like a rectangle with a width of 45 m and length of 75 m. Earlier it was called Ārones Hill, after the nearby River Ārone. When the river was renamed Arona, the name of the hill was changed likewise. The top of the hill has always drawn interest: travellers and people just passing by liked to pull over here, locals gathered for festive occasions, bonfires were made to celebrate solstice, for example on the Midsummer Night.

* During the last few years, after the hill changed its owners, the lively activity has returned. The hill and its foot is being taken care, and thanks to that there are now a well-arranged water supply point, furnished leisure areas and places for making bonfires, various swings, labyrinth in a meadow, and revived party traditions. During the cold season an impressive ice sculpture forms around the spring, sometimes reaching even the height of a multi-storey building.

Aronas pilskalns, Bērzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads
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