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Fountains and the Ravine of Love in Madona

In summer, one of the visual accents of the town of Madona are the chattering fountains – in total, we have three fountains:

In the Town square- it is a horizontal-shaped fountain with symbolic pool passes. The fountain is located in the main square of the town, surrounded by bright flowerbeds and benches.

In the pond of the Love ravine (Latvian: Mīlestības grava) – it is the oldest and highest fountain in Madona. Illuminated by coloured lights during the dark hours of the day. The fountain is located in the square opposite of Madona Culture Center, at the junction of the Raiņa and Skolas streets. Near a children’s playground is arranged

In the pond of the Wedding ravine (Latvian: Laulības grava) – a classical vertical shaped fountain. It is located in the area of the museum and library, in a pond between Valdemāra Boulevard and Vidzemes Street.

The last two fountains can also be viewed by going on a small hike along the small Madona River and the so-called Love ravine (Latvian: Mīlestības grava). Distance between the two fountains is only 400 meters. In addition, in the middle of the path you will see a nature object “Hazel Footbridge” (Latvian: “Lazdu laipa”, known from the novel of our fellow writer Ilze Indrāne with the same name. This is the historical place of the hazel footbridge. The visual image of it has changed over time.


Skolas iela, Valdemāra bulvāris

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