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Madona region Tourism Information Centre: cards, guidebooks, museum, souvenirs

Address:Skolas iela 10a, Madona, LV-4801
Phone:+371 29130437 (Sanita Soma LV, RUS) +371 27294005 (Gunta Strode LV, ENG)
Offer: tourism information, cards and guidebooks, sale of souvenirs, excibition hall, reservation of guides for excursions through Madona and Madona region, museum

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"Madona caramel sweets" - caramel sweets workshop, purchase

Address:Rīgas iela 1, Madona
Phone:+371 26380073 (Linda Blaževica)(LV,RU), 26539290 (Arnis Blaževics)(LV, RU)

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Gift Shop „Eridana"

Address:Blaumaņa iela 17, Madona, LV - 4801
Phone:+371 29422331
Offer: candies of Madona, felt products by Ilona Rostoka, candied fruits and berries from “Jāņkalni”, herbal teas from “55 Ladybugs”, photo paintings with photos of Madona and its region, magnets, notepads, placing orders

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„Fantasy” – handicraft shop, salon, paintings

Address:Saules iela 26, Madona
Phone:+ 371 29397421 (Dzidra Vaitkūne)(LV, RU)
Offer: handicrafts, folk costume making, painting gallery, placing orders

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Shop "Ādere"

Address:Rīgas iela 2a, Madona, LV - 4801
Phone:+371 64860929
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